Trio Feta


Trio Feta* is the Greek band of Barcelona!

Trio Feta Orquestra – for more than ten years – is a quintet that invites you to an ecstatic fiesta and celebration inspired by the Greek musical traditions and customs throughout the centuries.

Songs about love, joy, pain, nostalgia and death, with a wide and varied repertoire from Thrace, Epirus, Asia Minor and the Greek Islands.

Members of the band:

1) Yannis Papaioannou: Laud & Violin

2) Stelios Togias: Percussion

3) Stella Papalamprou: Voice

4) Marta Kurzyca: Clarinet

5) Savvas Salpistis: Bass


a) f. traditional greek cheese, based on curd cured in brine.
b) drunk – είμαι φέτα (“I’m drunk”).