Trio Feta


Trio Feta* is the Greek band of Barcelona!

With a wide and varied repertoire, offers a journey through the rich musical culture of Greece


a) f. traditional greek cheese, based on curd cured in brine.
b) drunk – είμαι φέτα (“I’m drunk”).

Trio Feta was founded in 2013 by three Greek musicians (Yannis Papaioannou, Zacharias Vamvakousis and Stelios Togias) and later with the greek singer Christiana Vlanti, all residents of Barcelona, with the intention of adding a Greek touch to the city’s nightlife. What started as a small format Greek music band, addressing mainly the Greek community of Barcelona, has throughout time been established and transformed into a solid group which never fails to make the crowd feel like being in Greece!

Trio Feta has performed around Spain and also in France, Italy, Hungary and Indonesia.

Trio Feta also collaborates with teachers of Greek dances and offers Greek music and dance workshops.